Perfect Darkness is all I can see.

Everything what becomes beautiful by a certain experience, desire or dream such as you aware if you shut your eyes. What you see in your thoughts, think or feel is borderless and the only way to equal perfection.

Perfect Darkness images the inconsistency, stratification, darkening and the eternal desire and ambition to perfection

Looking through my transparent mirror kaleidoscope, a futuristic image unfolds in my eye. Shapes, forms and reflections of light show me a different world. The diamond shapes intrigued me, and this led me to experiment with how these shapes become multidimensional or flat when used in textile/clothing.

During my research I found out that it embraced all disciplines that interest me as a designer. And besides fashion also shows an architectural, illustrative and graphic approach.

Kaleidoscope Eyes is about enlightenment, the dawn of a new age, nostalgia towards future, freedom, a flight from reality and the everlasting power of diamonds